Arias ‘32 Ford Hi-Boy Roadster


I was fortunate to have the help of many good friends on this car:

Diane Arias, 43+ year friend and wife, without whom I would not have survived to build this roadster

Jim Babbs, made the brass radiator 30 years ago

Cub Barnett, 30+ year friend, built the fine engine in this roadster

Bob Bauder, another 30+ year friend, helped with frame and more

John Blailock, 50+ year friend, carburetor help

Sid Chavers, upholstery and top covering

Bob Crow, 20+ year friend, machined the front spreader bar from one piece of 304 stainless steel 2½” X 4½” to my specifications.  He also machined the front hubs, spindles & mirrors.  Without his help this car just would not have the character it has.

Dennis D’Amico, 30+ year friend, owner of Avenue Auto Service (San Carlos, CA)

Additional staff at Avenue Auto Service: Jan, Doug, Bill, Aaron, Tony, Jerry, Bruce, Hal, Vince, Tommy, Dave, Louis, Rafael — thanks for all your help … and Ed too

Mike Dutra, removable top to my specifications; as a young guy in the world of ’32 roadsters, Mike gave me insight into ’32 Fords from a younger perspective.

Mike Fahey, 30+ year friend, ElecTricks (Half Moon Bay, CA), helped with the wiring and produced the wiring diagram

John Forbes, my good neighbor, helped with glass tail light lenses, wing windows and rear window glass

Jim Franks

Thom Holmquist, 40+ year friend

Kurt and Don Johnson, Mel Johnson Metal Products

Steve Kenyon

James La Rheir, cheerfully at my call for help whenever

Sam Lopez, 50+ year friend, has given me help whenever I needed it throughout the years and pushed me to take pictures to document this project

Ignacio Martinez, my fabulous gardener, who once a week stepped out of his gardening role and helped me with the car

Mr. Ed Morgan, gave priceless advice on engine-turning stainless steel

Mike Pinkman

Dave Pollard (DL Pollard Co, Chico, CA, (530) 228-2306) performed the body restoration work; to call Dave a “body man” is like calling Rembrandt a  “painter”, both are masters of their craft. 

Joe Ridlon, painted my roadster at Avenue Auto Service; Joe caught the vision of this project and took it to the next level.

John Robertson, my southern California connection

Ron Salinas

Mike Sinnott, 20+ year friend, a real mechanic, was always ready to help me

Forrest Willcox & Terry King are two old hot rodders who let me bounce ideas off of them during workouts at the gym

Ron Zamagni, owner of Accessories Plus, polishing

(Order of credits is alphabetical)

Display Credits

Mike Fahey supplied A/V equipment, video footage, built TV stands and railings, built and programmed automated lights

Deb Shaw-Fahey prepared Judge’s Reference Book, display book, and video presentation  

James La Rheir, digital pictures

Doug Layton, many pictures

Sam Lopez, video footage

Ralph Arias (that's ME), many pictures throughout the project


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