Arias ‘32 Ford Hi-Boy Roadster

Vehicle Specifications and Modifications

Information about this roadster is grouped within these categories:

  1. Chassis
  2. Engine
  3. Engine Compartment
  4. Transmission
  5. Body
  6. Interior
  7. Outsourced Finish Work

Within each category the information is further subdivided between “Specifications” and “Modifications”.

All modifications are numbered and correlate to the numbered items in the Gallery which follows this section.

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1.    The symbol  to the left of a modification number means that 100% of the modification was made by the owner (Arias), unless accompanied by a percentage indicating a lesser percentage of work performed by the owner.


10% 1. Front Spreader Bar: McGee bar machined from 1 piece of stainless steel bar stock 2½” X 4½” (by Bob Crow); finishing by Arias

The owner only performed 10% of the work for the front spreader bar. The remainder of the work, 90%, was performed by Bob Crow.


    2. Semi-pinched Frame: pinched at front cross-member to match shell

The owner performed 100% of the work for the semi-pinched frame.

2.    The symbol  indicates there is a corresponding photo page in the Gallery.



Frame:            Original ’32 frame

Front Suspension 
     Axle:        Deuce Factory stainless steel I-beam tube
     Shocks:      Aldan
     Springs:     Durant Monoleaf
     Steering Linkage: Borgeson U-joints, Borgeson Vibration Dampener
     Steering Arms:    Deuce Factory
     Steering Box:     Mullins, aluminum

Front Brakes:     Wilwood Discs 
Rotor Covers:     Superbell, aluminum
Front Wheels:     15-inch PS Engineering,
     styled after Halibrand Kidney Bean
Front Tires:      P 185/60 R15

Pitman Arm:      Deuce Factory, stainless steel
Tie Rod Ends:     Deuce Factory 

Rear Suspension:  Triangulated stainless steel 4-bar
     Shocks:      Aldan Coilovers, stainless steel
     Sway Bar:    TCI
     Drive Shaft: Polished aluminum
     Rear End:    Chromed, 9-inch Ford with Currie aluminum
     center section and track loc.

Rear Brakes:      Wilwood Discs
Rear Wheels:      17-inch PS Engineering,
     styled after Halibrand Kidney Bean
Rear Tires:       P 285/65 R17

Knockoffs:        Fully-functioning knockoffs

Wheelbase:       106” 

Modifications       denotes modifications made by owner (Arias)

10% 1. Front Spreader Bar: McGee bar machined from 1 piece of stainless steel bar stock 2½” X 4½” (by Bob Crow); finishing by Arias 

    2. Semi-pinched Frame: pinched at front cross-member to match shell

    3. Model A Front Cross-member: flanges added both front & rear; the front is formed into a channel to house all headlight and turn signal wires; covered with a stainless steel cover

    4. Front Headlight/Shock Mounts: fabricated from 1” o.d. 4130 steel tube with a 3/8” hole for wires.  These are heat-treated to 41 Rockwell; elliptical flush-mounted flanges set into frame sub-structure, which is then welded inside of frame

10% 5. Front Wheel Hubs: fabricated 1 1/8” narrower (by Bob Crow); finishing by Arias

25% 6. Spindles: Deuce Factory, modified to match modified hubs (by Bob Crow); finishing by Arias

     7. Tie Rod, Drag Link, and Panhard Bar: fabricated from stainless steel

     8. Covers Over Disc Pads: fabricated from aluminum

      9. Brake Lines and Thru-frame Fittings: stainless steel, machined in recessed holes so lines are a constant distance from frame

   10. Hairpins: So-Cal, modified with owner-designed add-on that serves to reinforce structurally

   11. Drop-out Center Cross-member

    12. Triangulated 4-Bar: stainless steel

   13. ’57 Ford Station Wagon 9” Housing: prepped for chroming by adding steel covers over factory welds around pumpkin 

    14. Line Clamps: fabricated from stainless steel

     15. Frame: boxed by Bob Bauder

75% 16. Hairpin Bolts (2) and Triangulated 4-Bar Bolts (2): fabricated from 17-5 stainless steel with domed head (Bob Crow helped)
           Note: all bolts where maximum strength is needed are 8 grade chromed bolts; all other bolts are polished stainless steel.

     17. Wheels: 2-piece welded, made to owner specs (by PS Engineering)

   18. Steering Column: stainless steel, with functioning horn at wheel and original steering lock with fabricated hanger

   19. Widened Frame: widened at top of frame starting at rear edge of front cross-member to close edge at hood opening (see picture at modification 2 in Gallery)



Year:          1978

Make:          Chevy

Style:         Long rod

Built by:     Cub Barnett, from an article in Hot Rod Magazine (June 1997): “The Engine Chevrolet Should Have Built”

Block:         400 cubic inches (originally)

Displacement:  352 cubic inches

Exhaust Clamps: Basani aluminum ball & socket with Basani dogbone hangers

Water Pump:    Snow White (chosen to move fan up to center of radiator)

Rods:          Ford 300 cubic inch 6-cylinder

Pistons:      J & E

Crankshaft:    327 large journal

Cam:           Comp Cam roller 270 HR 10

Heads:         AFR aluminum

Intake:        Edelbrock

Valve Covers:  Street & Performance

Headers:       Street & Performance, stainless steel (chosen because

  they had no welds showing)

Carburetor:    Demon

Ignition:      MSD

     Fuel pump:    electric

     Cooling fan:  mechanical

Dynos at 435 Ft. Lbs. of torque @ 3800 RPM and with 412 horsepower @5700 RPM on 87 octane gas.


     Modifications       denotes modifications made by owner (Arias)

     20. Valve Covers: modified and polished

21. Block: ground smooth

40% 22. Carburetor: chromed and powder-coated (John Blalock)

   23. Wire Connector at Solenoid: brass, fabricated

   24. Exhaust System: stainless steel with all welds ground down and polished

  25. Exhaust Tips: fabricated tapers, stainless steel

Engine Compartment


          Radiator:      Jim Babbs, brass

          Air Filter:    K&N

     Alternator:   chromed

     Modifications       denotes modifications made by owner (Arias)

  26. Wires: run thru firewall inside 3/8” and ½” stainless steel tubes to alternator, water temp gauges, electric choke, coil, distributor, and oil pressure gauge

  27. Radiator Support Rods & Firewall Mounts: fabricated from stainless steel

  28. Water Hoses: fabricated, with stainless steel covered rubber connectors at each end  

  29. Fan Shroud: 18-gauge brass, fabricated

  30. Radiator Overflow Tank: 16-gauge stainless steel, fabricated oval tank with oval-to-round transition; with sight glass and thermostat 

   31. Water Temperature Gauge: fabricated fitting for mechanical gauge at electric thermostat sending unit

   32. Air Cleaner: fabricated with stainless steel trim and flush-mounted spanner nut 

   33. Radiator Cap: fabricated



Make:         Richmond 5-speed polished aluminum

Clutch:       Center Force

Throwout Bearing: Hydraulic

     Modifications       denotes modifications made by owner (Arias)




Body:      1932 Ford original, steel

     Firewall:  two firewalls, separated by a 1” space (#36-38 below)

     Modifications       denotes modifications made by owner (Arias)

   34. Radiator Shell: added 3/8” at bottom with a bead that matches hood bead, and wire edge

50% 35. Hood: extended 3/4” to meet the frame at bottom (Dave Pollard)

   36. Engine Compartment Firewall: 10-gauge stainless steel; exposed side is engine-turned

   37. Driver-Side Firewall: 22-gauge stainless steel; concealed side has channels spot-welded to provide space for wiring and heater hoses

   38. Firewall Surround: 18-gauge steel, ties the two firewalls together along with matching the cowl shape

    39. Top of Body: at rear of seats, wood has been replaced with steel

    40. 1½” Square Steel Box Tube: forming a U to reinforce the body, runs from rear of right door frame to rear of left door frame

50% 41. Outside Rearview Mirrors and Arms: fabricated from stainless steel
           (Bob Crow)

   42. Inside Rearview Mirror Bracket: fabricated from stainless steel

   43. Wing Window Frames and Brackets: fabricated from stainless steel, with beveled tempered glass

50% 44. Rear Window: opens, with tempered glass (Mike Dutra) 

   45. Windshield: chopped 2”

   46. Frame Horn Covers: fabricated from 18-gauge steel

   47. Tail Light Housings: fabricated from steel

   48. Tail Light Bezels: welded 20-gauge stainless steel

     49. Glass to Fit Bezels: 2 pieces of 1/8” red glass melted together so that 1/8” protrudes thru bezels (John Forbes)

    50. LED Panels for Tail Light Illumination: fabricated brackets

  51. Rear Nerf Bars: fabricated from stainless steel

50% 52. Cowl Vent: was welded shut, opened it up returning it to function as stock, with fabricated stainless steel handle (Dave Pollard)

   53. Front Emblem: fabricated “Arias” name emblem in place of “Ford” at radiator shell (by Mild to Wild, Redwood City)

   54. Grille: Dan Fink fabricated stainless steel original-style grille     

   55. Plaque: behind grille, in the shell, I added a plaque from a car club that my Father belonged to in the early 30's

90% 56. Fuel Pump Block-Off Plate: custom made with metal engraving to read “352 CU IN LONG ROD”

     57. Removable Top: Built by Mike Dutra to owner specs: the tubes that attach to the stock body mount "split the stock mount" giving cleaner look (and thus stick out less at side and rear)

     58. Windshield Header: fabricated from steel

   59. Headlights and Lenses: original parts, restored

    60. Body: original part, restored

25%61. Deck Lid: original part, restored (Dave Pollard)

   62. Hood Hold Downs: original parts, restored

    63. Trunk Handle: original N.O.S. part

  64. Floor Pan: 18-gauge stainless steel, series #300, #8 polish

  65. Hood Latch Strike Plates: fabricated from stainless steel

  66. Rear Inside Trunk Latch: fabricated from stainless steel

  67. Trim Piece from Firewall Foot to Firewall Surround: fabricated from stainless steel

  68. Rear License Plate Light: fabricated from stainless steel




     Dash:       stock steel

     Gauges:     Classic Instruments

     Wiring Kit: Ron Francis

     Interior Lights (6): elliptical, 2 in kick panel, 2 in storage
                          cabinets behind seats, and 2 in trunk

     Modifications       denotes modifications made by owner (Arias)

  69. Heater: fabricated, with 3-speed Chevy motor, two squirrel cage fans mounted on top near cowl for more leg room

  70. Shift Lever: stainless steel, custom fitted to owner’s form

  71. Interior Storage Compartment Behind Seat: houses AM/FM tuner with cassette, amplifier, and 10CD changer, plus room for coats, spare parts, accessories

  72. 4 Storage Compartments in Trunk: two over rear wheel housings and two in rear area above gas tank; these cabinets hold a complete set of tools including: a set each of long and short pattern (open-end box) wrenches, a set of 3/8" shallow and deep sockets with rachet and extensions; a set of 1/4" drive shallow and deep with ratchet and extensions; various screw drivers, crescent wrench, dead-blow hammer for knockoffs; DZus Fasteners on lids

   73. Fire Extinguisher: mounted in trunk behind interior compartment

    74.   Heated Seats

  75. Column Drop: with turn signal and high beam indicator lights  

  76. Dash Insert: fabricated from 10-gauge stainless steel with ¼” stainless steel rod surround; 24-gauge cover, engine-turned

    77. Dash Gauges: modified to have “Arias” name (Classic Instruments)

  78. Pedals: chromed pedal assembly with fabricated elliptical s.s. pedal covers (to match tail light bezels), rubber pads

Outsourced Finish Work

Paint Job

Shop:    Dennis D'Amico's Avenue Auto Service
Painter: Joe Ridlon
Paint:   Black PPG (base coat/clear coat) 

Soft Parts

Upholstery: Tan leather by Sid Chavers
Covering on Top Frame:  by Sid Chavers                  


Chrome Plating: by Sherm’s
Front “Arias” Emblem:             Mild to Wild
Painting Sign inside Cowl Vent:   Mild to Wild
Painting Air Cleaner:             Mild to Wild
Polishing: 25% by Accessories Plus (Belmont), 75% by owner (Arias)
Wiring Diagram: by Mike Fahey, ElecTricks (see diagram in Gallery)

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